The World in Play


The King of Falcons

The Met Cloisters is currently running. ‘The World in Play: Luxury cards, 1430 – 1540’ exhibition. It is a fascinating look at the four surviving packs of playing cards from the Middle Ages.  Beautiful and intriguing designs from the earliest hand painted woodblock deck to fifteenth century German engraved cards, There is a pack of north Italian tarot cards, and an extremely fine deck from the early sixteenth century. In the Mets overview they state, “Collectively, the figures and scenes depicted on these cards reflect changing worldviews during a period of tumultuous social, economic, and religious change, charting the transition from late medieval to early modern Europe”.

The Exhibition runs through April and for anyone with an interest in the Medieval period this will no doubt prove a fascinating view into a rare and hitherto unseen aspect of medieval life.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson

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