Family Tree

Family Tree: Pedigree shows it is a small world.

familytreebird1imagerecordedtrackedandcopyrightedFor quite a while now I have been working on a large vellum Pedigree for a Patron who was born in England but now resides in the USA.  I have worked with him before and when he approached me to undertake this work I was of course delighted so to do.  We discussed in length the style and what he wanted and settled on it looking like an English oak tree. The names and information to be written on scrolls with the branches piercing these.  Ancestral arms were to be included and the main decent branches were painted in darker shades whilst the secondary branches were in a lighter brown. This way the line could be followed more easily. We decided too on adding birds as an additional aid to following the mainfamilytreebird2imagerecordedtrackedandcopyrighted line.  The border consisted of red and white roses to represent England and the rose was also a favourite of the patrons mother and Californian poppies. Infilling of gold dots as used in medieval manuscripts completed the border. In each corner we decided on an image of a Lion for England, an Eagle for America, A dragon for wales and it was also a nod to ‘Nessie’ and finally a Buffalo. The Patrons wife has native American ancestry.  The title plaque was made to look like a baroque cartouche all in gold and was positioned at the base of the tree.  The tree has taken hundreds of hours of work but I have found it very satisfying and contemplative.

Just as a by word, my patron was visiting Memphis, Tennessee and we spoke on the telephone and I told him I had attended High School in Memphis. He asked me which school and he told me the friend he was staying with also attended that particular school When he told me his name, I immediately recognised him as a former class mate!  It really is a small world.

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Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson.  All rights belong SOLELY to the Jamieson Family.

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