De la Reine style now by ASJ


My wife Ce has always loved the Louis XIV style and Versailles Palace and several months ago she produced a series of Grand Armorial paintings inspired by the architecture and style of the Sun King and his palace of Versailles.

Since that time many previous patrons have expressed an interest and delight in these wonderful paintings and not surprisingly some have commissioned them. Even patrons who have no real love of heraldry recognised their aesthetic beauty. Some of my own patrons have come forward and asked if  I might paint them and at first I was reluctant to do so but after talking with Ce we agreed I should paint them only if I had the desire to do so.

This is one such painting for a thrice returning patron. I have produced mostly medieval style work for him and let us be honest I am known for my medieval illumination as much as I am for my heraldic work but the Baroque, well that is a different thing.  My late father loved the baroque particularly German and Austrian churches and palaces and although I admire it I have never thought of heraldry in those terms. Not any more, this small piece was interesting, with it’s grandiose elements and it’s combination of fantasy (all heraldry is of course fanciful), flowers and coronets. Shimmering delicate gold catching the light.

Ce’s original idea was to produce a style of heraldry that would sit well on the walls of Versailles and I hope this little painting would be considered elegant enough to do so. It is destined for the niece of a patron and I hope it will bring her much joy.

Copyright Jamieson Studios.  All rights belong SOLELY to the Jamieson Family.


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