Chivalric Grand Armorial

This week I am finishing up a grand armorial for a member of an Order of Chivalry. The style was somewhat dictated by the fact that the herald supporters were to be depicted in the style of the late 17th century complete with ‘laughing cavalier’ type beards and moustaches. The arms are contemporary of course and so I needed to make the helm fit as it were with both periods this decided upon I chose a normal helm but decorated intricately with gold work. The shield itself was placed within an ornamental cartouche and as these are Scots the motto was placed above the crest.  The patron is an officer of arms within his order and in the style and tradition of that order he is permitted to show his baton of office in the singular and so the only place that made sense aesthetically was behind the shield vertically but I designed it so that is fed through the mouth of the lion at the base of the cartouche. This way you get to see a little more of it.  The two heralds are resplendent in their tabards and both hold their batons and a scroll indicating a letters patent and they stand on a stone ornamental plinth whilst behind the shield is the cross of the order.

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