Curators Corner

Curator’s Corner: Andrew Stewart Jamieson’s Cover Art

12006135_909279835819638_8958580841215258286_nSome only know Andrew Stewart Jamieson as a Heraldic Artist others as a sea, landscape or portrait painter while the vast majority know him as an illustrator.  Then, of course there are his popular tapestries, murals and photography projects.  Those closest to the Artist know Andrew Stewart Jamieson does it all and has for almost four decades now.  Heraldry is a very small pond with well paying commissions few and far between.  This coupled with the fact that the field is saturated with graphic designers, part time digital artists, amateur heraldry societies offering to create arms for its members and fine artists creating coats of arms to supplement their income has left Professional Heraldic Artists struggling to stay afloat.  Thus no one in the know was surprised to hear the news that Andrew Stewart Jamieson was shifting his focus back to the art projects that he had always been able to depend on.  In truth an artist cannot rely solely on coats of arms to keep the studio lights on.  Sea, landscape, portrait and illustration work have always offered stability.
Andrew Stewart Jamieson has painted covers for many publishers.  Much of the Artist’s original cover art found its way into Collectors’ hands from 2012 to 2014 after decades worth of long forgotten artwork was discovered tucked away in boxes at the Artist’s country home.  Books with ASJ’s artwork can be found throughout England in gift shops today.  The first cover below is the popular Coats of Arms book by Andrew Stewart Jamieson.   But look closely and you’ll find the second King Arthur cover was painted by the Artist as well.  Those looking to add to their Collections can order these books online.  Tapestries featuring the Artist’s artwork can be purchased via Hines of Oxford.
Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson.  All rights belong SOLELY to the Jamieson Family.



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