Studio and Schedule Update


A new ASJ Illuminated Strip is almost complete.  Andrew Stewart Jamieson worked throughout the day Sunday on the painting and will wrap it up during Jamieson Studio’s After Hours.  The after hours schedule permits the studio to stay on task in moving special offer projects forward as well as full price platinum items.  Both are important with full price projects receiving first priority, special offers second and friendship gifts of course are painted when time allows.  ASJ is also working on a Coat of Arms, a second illuminated poem having just completed the first in a series, a standing knight and four beasties this week.  The Artist is currently working 14 hours days to ensure that the final heraldry projects are complete by year end.  2017 will start off with a bang.  Studio updates will be delivered monthly to Collectors and Curators in the New Year as Jamieson Studios moves away from working directly with the public allocating more time to building collections and providing fine art to galleries.  Please stay tuned for more updates.

Copyright Jamieson Studios.  All rights belong SOLELY to the Jamieson Family.

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