GAPC Princess Karen Cantrell

14963204_1165626990180363_468755291912218416_nThe Grand Armorial Platinum Collections are quickly gaining their own fans.  Andrew Stewart Jamieson is quite pleased it is so for without collector and returning patron support none of this would be possible.  The act of commissioning heraldic art is what brings it into existence.  No patron no heraldry only Jamieson fine art.  Thus GAPCs deserve to share the spotlight with ASJ and their collections should indeed take centre stage on the heraldry front.  One of our brightest stars is the lovely Princess Karen Cantrell.  The Cantrell Collection grew significantly in 2016 and is quickly becoming one of the largest Collections of Jamieson Originals in the State of California.  The latest addition is the following ASJ Armorial Lady.   Prior to this painting an ASJ Beastie was featured.


The Cantrell Grand Armorial Platinum Collection is one to watch.  Princess Karen has more surprises in store for her Collection’s fans in the New Year.  Please stay tuned!

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson.  All rights belong SOLELY to the Jamieson Family.

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