The Reed Family’s Armorial Knights

10423865_1520084114878738_4044157744103132445_nBob and Jennifer Reed are Grand Armorial Platinum Patrons & Collectors here at Jamieson Studios.  They own one of the largest collections of Andrew Stewart Jamieson’s work in the United States.  The Reed Family’s, ‘ASJ Beasties’ were completed and registered recently.  Their ASJ Armorial Knights will be ready to post in the next few days.  Please follow along in the ‘Inside the Studio’ section of our website.  Our Curators have put together a small display of the Reed Family’s, ‘Grand Armorial Platinum Collection’ for your enjoyment.  A special thanks to Bob and Jenn for granting us permission to share a few very special images from this extensive private family collection of ASJ Original Paintings.  Prints available at Reed Fine Art.

Copyright Jamieson Studios.  All rights belong SOLELY to the Jamieson Family.

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