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New Armorial under way for Jacob Schanzenbach


Today I began work on a project for a resident of Washington DC.  The arms were designed by the Armiger and Jacob kindly sent me his blazon and commissioned me to paint them for him.  As with all my armorials I first work out the design on tracing paper and then trace it down onto the surface, in this case line and wash board.  The next stage is to strengthen the lines before I begin to paint.


I always work on one section of the arms at a time rather than paint in all the blues, or golds etc.  The Crest is treated first and in these progression shots you can see the process evolve.  I will continue to add progress shots as the work moves forward.



Today I continued work on the current arms.  These arms are a challenge in some ways because they have so many charges and objects to arrange in a satisfying and balanced way.  The crest particularly had challenges in that the hound is supporting his paws on two objects, an open book and a Sextant.  I also re drew the helm slightly as I was not happy with the way the circlet of Rhododendron and ears of wheat appeared on the original design.


After I brought the crest to a place I was satisfied with I began to paint the helm trying to make it appear as metallic as possible.


I decided to line the helm with purple as opposed to the usual red. I have used this colour for many years where appropriate in this case it complimented the pinks and blues of the crest. Next I began working on the shield.


Applying flat colours first and working at speed so that the colours dry flat and uniform on the surface. Patchy colours can seriously detract from a painting.


Then I worked up the charges, first by outlining them and then shading the various charges.  I particularly enjoyed painting the three towered castle.  With just the rose awaiting some attention the shield is all but complete. Next I will tackle the mantling.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson

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