armorial knights

New Armorial Knights for 2017

Today I want to feature what I call an after hours project.  Simply put I tend to do 6-7 hours a day on major commissions and then in the evenings I continue on smaller projects for a few hours.  This is my latest version of the hugely successful series of Armorial Knights that I began in 2012 and by far my most popular offering to date.

The originals were inspired by figures from two medieval 15th Century manuscripts. One English and one Flemish. This ‘knight’ has the same feel to it but I wanted to make it more decorative with a cloth of gold forward caparison and this time including a banner of arms and the motto of the Armiger. The patron is a knight of the Holy Sepulchre and so I was happy to show this knight wearing a tabard and cape of the Order as well as the neck decoration.

The arms shown here were granted by the Canadian Heraldic Authority and are a good example of well designed armorial bearings. As the knight is riding in the opposite direction that the coat of arms is usually displayed  I had to flip the crest and make sure the nearest arm was holding the heart and also the key wards on the horse caparison were also turned as per heraldic convention. Lions or beasts for example should always face forward.


The first stage was to draw the design out on art board and then lay in flat areas of gouache working very fast to ensure the paint dries even and smooth. Once all the colour is laid in I begin to model up and shade the figure.


Finally I outline the design, add the high lights and write the motto on the scroll.


I have several of these new knights on the commission books including an armorial abbot and so I will begin to post these as they are completed.  Finally I would like to thank the patron for giving me the opportunity to paint his arms and for commissioning a 2017 Armorial Knight.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson


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