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One of the things I most enjoy about being a painter of heraldry is all the ways a coat of arms can be displayed.  It still amazes me how creative one can get with armorial bearings.  Countless times people have said to me, ‘I love your work but I already have a painting of my coat of arms’.  Normally I say light heartedly, ‘well you don’t have a Jamieson’.  I then go on to explain to them that they can display their arms in so many different ways and show them examples of what I am talking about by showing them some of the heraldic collections we have put together for our Platinum Patrons.

One such patron among so many I could mention is David Juliano and that is because I am currently working on a very grand project which was commissioned by him over a year ago now.  Along with Dr Mike Ross we are working on medieval style illuminated borders, initial letters, and seven scenes from the Bible and over 40 shields of arms for a prayer book for an Order of Chivalry they belong to.


As many of you know I rotate about five commissions at a time, that way I can bring more works to completion but keep things interesting by posting progression shots of the various works.  So here today I post some photos of the work in progress but also some of the many other works David has commissioned to show the variety of heraldic art that is available to an Armiger and collector of heraldry on offer from my studio.


Of course I enjoy painting coats of arms but so too do I like contriving other ways of using heraldry in art.  So if you are an armiger think beyond the coat of arms and think of ways you would like to see the infinite ways your arms can be used and displayed.


Andrew Stewart Jamieson

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