Book Plates

New Grand Armorial Bookplate by ASJ


Here is another design I am currently working on for a friend and long time Patron Hassan Kamel Kelisli Morali.  An armorial bookplate which reflected Hassan’s country of origin, Egypt and his new home the USA of which he recently became a citizen.  I wanted again to give the impression of a wood cut engraving for these arms with very fine line hatching and strong line work.  The arms are the most important part of the design and so needed to stand out from the background, in this case a view of the Statue of Liberty and a traditional view of the River Nile.


As with all such designs I draw out the arms onto the surface and then sketch them in quickly with a fine brush to establish the design.  Then I begin to strengthen the arms adjusting as I go and finally I start ‘etching’ the fine lines in to give the image body and detail.


When the arms are complete I start working on the background.  The two scenes which are drawn in with fine lines and cross hatched to give depth.  At the top on each side I decided to do an American Eagle and an Egyptian Sphinx both hold Hassan’s family Tamga badge.


I still have a little work to do on this, the motto scrolls for example and some details on the said eagle and sphinx as well as strengthening around the actual coat of arms and I will post a final image when completed.


Here is the final image of the completed book plate. I would like to thank Hassan for commissioning this work which was very satisfying to paint.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson

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