Coats of Arms

Knightly Arms

A while ago I posted a picture of an Armorial Knight painted for a Grand Armorial Patron in Canada and today I wanted to re visit that post and show the second half of the commission which was to paint the coat of arms. Really to illustrate how arms can be shown in different ways.


I am not going to do a step by step article this time as I have done several but I want to talk a little about the arms.  As can be seen, the primary tincture is green. Heraldic green can be a tricky colour to achieve it can look quite dull and lifeless or it can be too vibrant.  When painting the knight I stayed with my usual green which is a combination of Oxide of Chromium, yellow and white. With the arms I used that green as a base colour but then experimented with other shades. Eric, my patron was very happy to give me total freedom when it came to the painting and so I explored these different combinations.


The Wyvern crest was the main guinea pig and the flat green was accentuated with several other shades which I mixed accordingly with combinations of Prussian blue, various yellows and some pigments such as permanent and sap greens. I also extended the experimental shades to the mantling showing reflected light in brighter greens and high lights in pale and almost white tones of green.

The patron is a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The cross of the Order is shown behind the shield whilst the medal of the Order is dependant from beneath the arms. I used a magnifier lens to paint the gold military trophy on the black ribbon as my eye sight is not what it once was.

All in all a delightful commission for which I thank Eric Saumure for his patronage and trust in allowing me a free hand.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson

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