A case of Cornish mixed realities


A small painting inspired by numerous visits to Cornwall, England and old Trinity House lighthouse drawings.  Cornwall as any one who has been there will know is a land rich in lore and mythology, a place of calm valleys and tempestuous storms, sandy beaches and hard granite rugged coasts.  Many ships have gone to watery graves along the North Cornish coast and it is a place thick with legends of smuggling and piracy.

This is a painting of a mermaid watching a Cutter sail past. A gale is blowing and the Lighthouse is warning of approaching storm. Will the boat make it safely to harbour or will it go the way of the one whose grave is marked by the bouy and red flag and whose bell tolls? Is the mermaid wishing it well or is she waiting to seduce the crew to join her and  condemn them all to Davy Jones’ locker?

The style of the painting is a new departure for me but firmly based in the tradition I suppose of manuscript miniatures. Highly detailed but with a certain magical quality, I plan to produce more in time as I enjoy this type of painting very much.  The work is being made available for sale and those interested in purchasing it may contact me at enquiries@jamiesongallery.com

Andrew Jamieson

Categories: Effigies

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