Heraldic Fine Art

Painterly Crest of Smith of Minnesota


This is the second of my weekend project ‘Old Master Crests’. Painted in oils on canvas they are 14 x 10  in size and depict an armigers crest placed in this case on a fabric showing a detail from the shield of arms of GAPP Travis Smith. This painting forms part of the heraldic collection that Travis is currently building with me.


I painted it as before, (see ‘Old Master Crests’) with the simple palette of Venetian red, Burnt Umber, Prussian blue, Naples yellow, white and a touch of black. This is a traditional simple palette favoured in the 17th century. Keeping the palette simple and mixing using these colours ensures that the tones remain harmonious.


These paintings are designed to have a look of antiquity about them and that air of leather sofas and book lined studies much in evidence in British Stately Homes and Country Houses.  I have painted this Falcon now numerous times but using these paints and techniques one can really bring the character out of the bird. I hope you agree.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson





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