Heraldic Knights and Gargoyles


I am please to bring you the latest works in the ever increasing collection of GAPP Robin Lumsden.  Here we have a Gargoyle with shield one of several I have been commissioned to paint over the years. I have never painted one black before so this is a first and my decision was dictated by the shield which has very strong elements including the Death’s Head. The gargoyle needed to be strong but I also wanted, as I have always done, to make him mischievous and not too menacing.  I realise that the original gargoyles were carved to scare away evil spirits but mine are somewhat tongue in cheek. I suppose I have always been mindful of the Lincoln Imp when designing these. That great little character that inhabits Lincoln Cathedral.


The second piece I want to show you is a knight from my ‘Medieval Standing Knight’ series. This series has proved very popular and to date I think I have painted dozens. Inspired by medieval manuscript illuminations I have over the years refined them continually. They are only about five inches high and so I am surprised I do not go crossed eyed whilst working on them but they are a joy to paint for me and so I am always thankful when one of my patrons and collectors commissions another.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson



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