Battle of Chesapeake 1781



My working week is spent painting very detailed coats of arms and producing very time intensive illuminated documents.  In my down time I like to relax in various ways, taking long walks, photography and putting paint to canvas. I would like to show you my latest painting.

The Battle of Chesapeake took place in 1781 and was a defining moment in the history of the United States of America.  Fought between to great sea powers France and Great Britain in itself it was not a major battle in the sense of Trafalgar and there was no clear winner but it had enormous consequences.  It prevented the British Army from being supplied and relieved by sea forcing General Cornwallis to surrender his forces at Yorktown and in effect bringing the seven years of hostilities between the Colonies and the Government of the United Kingdom to an end thus gaining freedom from the Crown for the citizens of America.

My canvas was only small I could not show the whole battle and  chose instead to depict the first ships of the French and British squadrons with Battle Ensigns flying firing their broadsides. Because this was so important to the history of America I wanted to include an element to reflect this.  Thus we see a small Cutter observing the battle but perhaps getting a little too close for comfort, the Lead British vessel has just fired it’s carronades with one ball passing through the craft’s mainsail.

The medium used was acrylic paint on canvas and the size is 20 x 16 inches.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson

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