The Armorial Bearings of Cheong Ming Lam

s1A recently completed Armorial for Cheong Ming Lam and I am obliged to the armiger for supplying the following description and meaning of his coat of arms.

‘The Arm’s symbols represent the brith place of the first born son of the surname Lam or traditionally Lin was born.

Bai Gan who was the uncle of King Zhou of Shang which the surname of Lam/Lin (meaning forest) was later conferred to by the King Wu of Zhou to Bai Gan’s son.

The three mullets and the Azure represents the stars and night time ( the time when Bai Gan’s son was born) as well as Azure (blue) being my favourite colour.

The two trees was the brith place ( between two trees)

The crest of the Lion represents my star sign as I’m a Leo and the Pearl represents Sulu and it’s kingdom which is based in the South of the Philippines known for their pearls, which is a well known symbol of Sulu. The connection between Sulu and myself is that I’m the adopted son of the Current Sultan Muedzul Tan Kiram of Sulu’.

Reproduced by kind permission of Cheong Ming Lam

You can commission Andrew to paint your coat of arms or undertake other design work here

This artwork and article is the copyright of Andrew Stewart Jamieson and may not be reproduced or published in any form without prior written permission of the artist and armiger. All Rights Reserved 2018

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