The Baronial Armorial of Kinnear


This is the second version of this splendid armorial I have painted. The Patron initially commissioned a work in the 1990’s and returned asking for the arms to be depicted in a more medieval style which I was of course very happy to do and so I can show the two contrasting styles here which also underlines the point that whilst the blazon of the arms is written in stone, the artistic interpretation is open to experiment so long as the blazon is not compromised.

These arms derive from the Hoole family and the roses on the Eagle crest are emblematic of the Wars of the Roses.  The shield with it’s gyronny field represents Flanders and Scotland and the crosses, the Crusades.  The arms have the cap and mantle of a Feudal Baron, as was the practice when the arms were granted.  Currently a Feudal Baron may use a helm with three gold bars.

My thanks to Michel, Baron and Lord of Kinnear.

You may commission a coat of arms or other design work here


Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved 2018

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