The Flamberg Armorials


This is the first Armorial family I have painted so to speak in what I call my ‘Effigy’ style. In other words these figures are based on medieval samples found on brass memorial plates and on top of tombs carved in alabaster.

The Armiger kindly supplied a brief description of the symbolism of the arms which were granted by HM College of Arms in London. ‘Bleu Celeste and Sable are the colours of my academic robes as a master of science, but I read somewhere it also means perseverance in adversity. The fess wavy is a pun on Flamberg, because it can be said to be the blade of a wavy sword, known often as a Flamberg sword. The three plum trees represent the two from one last viable lines of the family that exist in the world today. My brother and me, with the other being my late father. It is said that the original family name was pflaumenbaum (Plumtree) from what is now central Europe, bohemia moravia southern Poland. Plums are popular there. However it is also said that the plum is the friend in the winter. Something I like to identify due to my exuberant hospitality. Finally the Wolf courant is my personal “spirit animal” and sums up a lot of my character. Ever moving and adapting, able to be alone yet prefers his own pack, ever watchful and protective. All of this is summed up in the motto, Remember, Protect, Prosper’.

With thanks to the Flamberg family.

You may commission works of this kind from Andrew Stewart Jamieson by clicking this link

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved 2018 No part of this may be copied or published by any means without prior written permissions from the artist and the armiger.

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