The Armorial Bearings of Mark Nelson

bbbThese arms were designed by me for an American patron. I have designed many coats of arms for Americans over the years as they have no heraldic authority and are free to assume arms.  After he supplied me with the elements he wanted to include we worked on a few rough designs before settling on this version which the patron was very happy with.  He has kindly written a description of the charges and colours that make up the coat of arms;

‘The simple basis of the explanation of my arms is that of my Scottish heritage with a little bit of my personal traits. First the prominent, Clan Wallace and Clan Gunn. The lion crest is for Wallace divided per fess Sable and Argent to reflect my interest in the Knights Templar and the lion wears a gauntlet as a reference to the Gunn Clan badge of an arm holding a sword and the fruited juniper is also the plant badge of Clan Gunn. The Viking ship is part of my Scandinavian ancestry and their heavy influence on the Gunns. The two handed Claymore is used in both clan badges. Secondly, the steel gauntlet gripping a dagger is my training in martial arts specifically in edged weapons. The colors Vert and Or are the shared colors for my Scottish and Irish ancestry’.

My thanks to Mark Nelson.

You may commission a coat of arms or other design work by clicking this link

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved. This art work may not be reproduced or published in any form without prior written permission from the artist and the armiger.

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