The Grand Armorial Knight of Ryan Pannell

ccccccI have painted many armorial knights in my career, King Richard III twice, The Duke of Burgundy and Robert the Bruce to name but a few but this one was even more unique in a way.  The Patron has a deep connection with the sea and maritime conservation and so we decided on a very nautical theme, the Patron suggesting the Knight should be riding a sea horse, (heraldic) along the sea bed which I thought was a novel and charming concept. So instead of arming him with a sword I chose a Trident and depicted a Coral Reef, a shark and some exotic fish, along with sea weed, star fish and a crab. I even depicted my wolf signature wearing goggles and a snorkel. The Horse Caparison has Scallop and Nautilus shells. The saddle bow is shaped like a heraldic dolphin and the Horses Chamfron is designed to mimic the head of the sea dragon.

The arms are notable in that the Crest forms the mantling and depicts a Great White shark and whilst is not typical did have similarities with some crests from the Middle Ages. But a full description is here supplied;

Blue and yellow, as well as the trident, are taken from both the arms of Ukraine, the country of origin of Mr. Pannell’s stepfather, and the flag of Barbados, where Mr. Pannell now lives and has developed charitable programs. The colour blue and the trident also represent the sea, Mr. Pannell’s involvement with ocean conservancy charities, and his ancestors and relatives from the British Isles who were sailors. Blue and gold further refer to the arms of the de Clifford branch of his paternal family, as well as of a branch of his maternal family, the Flournoys, who were goldsmiths and lapidaries in Geneva. The dragon is in honour of Toronto’s Chinatown, where Mr. Pannell grew up, and Chinese culture, which has had considerable impact on his life.

The shark recalls Mr. Pannell’s life-long fascination with sharks and his ongoing commitment to their study and conservation. It also alludes to his work as a hedge fund manager in international finance, an industry commonly referred to as being “filled with sharks”. Its position over the helm as a trophy symbolizes Mr. Pannell’s survival instinct and ability to meet and overcome diverse challenges. On the Standard can be seen the men, a helmet used in the martial arts kendo, indicates another sporting activity in which Mr. Pannell excels and his badge, The Huguenot crosses on the crown honour Mr. Pannell’s Flournoy ancestors. The polo mallets symbolize his achievements as a competitive polo player.

With thanks to the Patron Ryan Pannell.

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Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved 2018 May not be copied, or published by any means without the written consent of the artist and the armiger.

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