The Armorial Bearings of Gregory Morgan

aThis coat of arms is why I like to paint heraldry and refer to it as a ‘Strange landscape’ because it is full of mythological beasts weird and wonderful which are both a challenge and a joy to paint.  This armorial is one such excursion into that very landscape. When designing the mantling I wanted to reflect the swirling heads and tale of the Hydra so that it all came together in a cohesive style and continued a sense of movement.  The armiger has kindly supplied the reasoning behind these wonderful arms;

The arms are based on the Highland MacNicol arms since my grandmother was a Nicolson descended from the Argyll Nicolsons. The two headed kiwis represent the duality of my life in New Zealand and in the United States. The motto is Latin for Truth, Virtue and Beauty, three concepts that philosophers often analyze. I am a professor of philosophy. The five headed hydra continues the multiple heads theme and represents the complexity of nature. More subtle is the geometric symbolism based on an icosahedron, which has two fold, three fold, and five fold symmetries. There are two heads, three kiwis, and five hydra heads.

With thanks to the armiger, Gregory Morgan

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Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved 2018 May not be reproduced or published in any form without prior written permission from the armiger and the artist.


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