A Scots Grand Armorial for the Baron and Lord of Kintyre by Andrew Stewart Jamieson


I moved to Scotland last Summer and travelled for a while before settling in the East Nuek of Fife. One of my first commissions was to paint the arms of a Scots Baron who  resides in the United States of America. I suggested that as he was the holder of three Scots Baronies that perhaps we might work on something very special.  Ideas were formulated and discussed and I came up with the concept of his coat of arms granted by the Lord Lyon set within a Scots illuminated border with references to the three Baronies held and a generic Highland landscape along the bottom with the shields of arms of his three children.

The armorial was painted on a skin of vellum stretched over board and so for me a larger work than normal.  The arms took precedence and in the form now reserved for a Feudal Baron, that is to say with a helmet showing three gold bars. I lined it purple to reflect the colour of the Thistle and the motto scroll too was reversed purple for the same reason. Around this I designed a thistle border and Stags in each corner. In the top margin three Feudal Caps as originally used by Barons within a leather buckled circlet and the name of each Barony in gold lettering. Un buckled because I did not want to confuse these motifs with Clan badges which are shown in complete circlets. Between these circlets are tulips, a favourite flower of the armigers wife. Each side in the margin centre are beasts taken from his arms, a Unicorn and a Bison.  The armiger has an estate in North Dakota where Bison roam.  At the bottom a Loch and Highland landscape with castle and the shields of arms of his three children each directly in line with the Barony they will eventually inherit above. Each side of the arms at top are the initials of the Baron and his wife set on their personal Registered Tartans.

This is one of the most complex heraldic paintings I have ever undertaken and the Patron has also commissioned several other works connected with his Baronies and family as well as the complete Jamieson Collection which with permission I will post as and when they are completed.

My thanks to the Baron and Lord of Kintyre.

To commission a work please click on this link

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved. May not be copies or published in any way or form without the prior written consent of the artist and the Baron and Lord of Kintyre

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