The Armorial Bearings of Robert Gladstone Bell


Recently completed in the studio was this small painting of the arms of Robert Gladstone Bell.  The armiger’s son kindly supplied the following blazon and description of the arms and their symbolism.

ARMS: Or, on a chevron sable two silver fern tips uppermost proper in chief three mullets gules and in base a bell of the last.

CREST: on a mound vert a lion rampant sable armed and langued gules holding in its dexter paw a Scottish broadsword proper and in it’s sinister paw the crown of Scotland, also proper.

MOTTO: on a scroll in this case above the arms ~ Ready Aye Ready

The coat of arms was devised by Scott MacMillan, former Herald of Arms in the Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland.

Robert Gladstone Bell had a successful career as an insurance agent in his native country of New Zealand. At age 42 he immigrated with his family to the United States of America.
As a New Zealand Jaycee he held office and in 1973 was named the “Outstanding Young Man of the Year” for his City.  As a three-term elected City Councilman he had the distinction of being the youngest ever elected to the City Council.
He served on a number of committees for the then Prime Minister of New Zealand as well a the Nation’s “Think Tank”  He holds the Chartered Life Underwriters designation.
In 1973 he became a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, an international organization representing the top 3% of Life insurance agents in the world.
Arriving in the USA with his family he realized he knew little of American history so he embarked on writing and publishing a book called “The Freeway of America” originally for his family’s benefit.  He is a Freemason, a Knight Templar and retired Captain in the New Zealand Army and is also an America Kentucky Colonel.

The bearer chose the lion crest for strength. The sword for being an officer in the military and the crown shows he came from royal lineage.  The green mound on the top of the helm where the lion crest rests stands for greener pastures. The three stars is for Bell, a Sept of Clan MacMillan, whilst the black chevron shows prior military service.  The two New Zealand silver ferns show two generations born in New Zealand the rest of the family were all from Scotland and now one generation is in the United States Of America.  The family motto is “Always Ready”.

With thanks to Hamish Bell and Scott Macmillan

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Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved 2018. May not be reproduced or published in any form without prior written permission of the artist, author and armiger.

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