The Vellum Armorial of J L Reed

jjaOne of my returning Patrons is Jenn Reed who resides in New Hampshire. She like her husband and I, very much appreciate the medieval aesthetic and we all share a love of the Courts of the Dukes of Burgundy.  When they commissioned their arms they particularly wanted them to be depicted in a way that was a nod to the 15th Century and this I was pleased to do.  For fun I added bells to the mantling. When knights jousted in the lists they often wore bells on their caparisons and mantling. I also bejewelled the base of the helm something maybe even King Rene of Anjou  might appreciate!

The armiger kindly supplied the Blazon and the reasoning behind the arms;

Arms: Azure, a chevron Gules, fimbriated Or, between three wolves heads erased, Argent, langued Gules, all within a bordure gyronny of twelve Argent and Sable.

Crest: On a wreath Or, Gules and Azure, arising from an ancient crown Or, a Phoenix, Argent, beaked Or, langed Gules.

Motto: Toujours Fidèle (Always Faithful)

Badge: A silver phoenix rising from the sparks of a firesteel and briquette.
My arms were inspired by Robertson of Struan. The arms were differenced so as to be easily identified as a Robertson but not “the” Robertson. The frog-mouth helm in the crest represents my historical equestrian activities and interests, the crown ancient upon the torse reflects my interest in ancient history. The phoenix is symbolic of my faith and my reinventing myself over the years. Over the years, my friends have stated that I am constant and always faithful.

With thanks to JL Reed

To commission a coat of arms please click this link

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson. All rights reserved 2018. Mat not be reproduced by any means in any form without prior written permission of the artist and the armiger


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