Grand Armorials


29357058_102273873950653_3713131686247426775_nThroughout my career I have painted hundreds of coats of arms in all shapes and sizes but perhaps the most absorbing are what I call the Grand Armorials. I have completed probably about a dozen or so of these and so they are rare and unique, thus only a privileged few own these master works.  They take many, many hours of painstaking attention to detail to complete and so not surprisingly are somewhat more expensive than the regular armorial paintings I produce but they also represent my finest work and so I am grateful to those Patrons who commissioned the works and indulged my heraldic art sensibilities.




To commission a Grand Armorial please click this link

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson. All rights reserved 2018 do not reproduce, publish or retrieve in any form without prior written permission of the artist

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