Baronial Assignation of Kintyre

Argyll2aIn 2018 I was commissioned by one of my First Class Patrons to produce an illuminated vellum Baronial Assignation document.  The document primarily contains extracts and passages from the original legal paperwork taken and hand written on carefully prepared calf skin vellum. When it came to designing the illuminated border I had a field day and chose to produce a completely original design inspired by but not copied from mid 15th Century sources.  As the Assignation was from the Duke of Argyll to my Patron I was able to include His Grace the Duke’s ensigns armorial in the border along with those of the new Baron and Lord of Kintyre.

Careful study will show the Duke’s golden boar crest and lion supporters playing with bees and butterflies amid the flowers and the Patron’s Bison wearing the cap of a Scottish feudal baron.  The full arms of the Duke are in the right hand margin and in the bottom left one of his lions holds his banner of arms.  The Patrons arms are depicted at the top of the document  and his bison is also depicted at bottom right  with his banner of arms. The illuminated initial letter again has the red lion with a scroll containing the Campbell motto and below this my ‘signature’ heraldic border comprising armorial squares comprising the quarters of the shield . I say signature because I have been using this motif since the early 1990’s and have used it on every royal letters patent I have produced as well as documents produced for Orders of Chivalry.  At the bottom of this motif is an ‘A’ for Argyll ensigned with the coronet of a Duke.Argyll3a

A wonderful commission and a joy to work on and an awful lot of 23.5 shell gold paint mixed to my own recipe helps make this an splendid commemoration and a valuable and worthwhile item to hand on to future generations.

Andrew Stewart Jamieson.



Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson 2018 All rights reserved. May not be copied or reproduced in any part or form with out prior written permission from the artist and the armiger.



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