The Armorial bearings of Art Ramirez

52999929_327892611174988_134100956429156352_nWith these arms and in view of the Patrons work, I decided to paint them in a style that reflects the wonderful medieval Stall Plates in St. Georges Chapel, Windsor. As the Patron is American by birth, the arms were designed by The Herald Chronicler of the Heraldry Society of Louisiana.  I would like to thank the Patron for describing the symbolism of the coat of arms.

“Based on my CV several heraldic symbols were selected to represent my origins, career and voluntary service over the years. Born and raised in south Texas in the town of McAllen, known as the City of Palms therefore the Palm features prominently. I am a registered Mental Health practitioner and worked for the National Health Service in the UK for over 30 years in clinical and educational capacity. To represent this the two serpents climbing the palm tree. Since 1985 I have been in service at Windsor Castle first as a volunteer in St George’s Chapel and since 2005 working for HM the Queen in the Royal Collection Trust. This is represented by the use of the Castle turret, orb and heraldic roses. The heraldic roses are superimposed by the lone star of Texas (mullet of five points) my home state and the colours (purple & gold) are those of my alma mater. The chequy elements symbolise stewardship i.e. over 40 years of voluntary community service. The tinctures of the lions of Castilia & England are an allusion to my DNA ancestry.”

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson and Art Ramirez

May not be used or any part thereof reproduced in any form without written permission of the artist and the author. All rights reserved.

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