Christopher Chambers


 Blazon:  Per-fess dancetty, in chief Or, a dexter fist gauntleted Gules. In base Vert, a Scroll Or, charged with an ant Azure. Above the shield is placed a Helmet with Mantling Vert doubled Or. And on a Wreath Or and Vert is set for crest, a Great Horned Owl, wings expanded, crowned Proper.

First registered with the American College of Heraldry in 2011 Registration #3468

Registered with the Cronista de Armas of  Castile and León. 2014

Recorded in the Heralds International Armorial February 27 2016

The arms were designed by the bearer and the American College of Heraldry.  This version painted by Andrew Stewart Jamieson.

The Christopher Chambers Armorial Collection