Daily Feed

October 3, 2016  10:00 a.m.
It’s a great day in the studio!  Everything is going extremely well.  We’ll begin posting ‘Inside the Studio’ shots soon so those on the heraldry schedule can view projects underway.  Our curators are currently looking through schedules, inventory lists and speaking with collectors by phone.  They will post their findings soon.  Stay tuned as there might be a few original paintings returning to the market.  A good art collection is always growing, changing — and thus, refreshed.  Links to the Platinum Patron Great Collections of 2012 – 2015 albums can be found on the right side of the home page beneath the header.


In 2014 Jamieson Studios moved into fine art and added several new patrons.  Many also asked to have arms created.  The majority were Americans.  We developed new styles focusing solely on American history, culture and traditions.  This set Jamieson Studios on a new course.  A course of discovery.  One curator’s question during a team meeting became our focus, “If we can develop new styles specifically for the American market what would / could we ‘make happen’ by adopting a global focus?”  Thus, ‘Heralds International’ was born.
We always think from a new, ‘make it happen’ perspective.  Not ‘outside the box’ mind you as we were never inside the box.  In turn we enlisted close friends working professionally in the field of heraldry to assist in research.  Their knowledge is quite 271238extensive.  We also found the Patrons who visit to be a great source of knowledge and inspiration.  It’s amazing the ideas one can come up with over cake and tea.  There are those who have never worked professionally in the field of heraldry that truly deserve to be recognized for their commitment to the study of this gentle science.  We’ve since come to refer to such Patrons as, ‘Heraldry Scholars’.  In recognition of their contributions to Jamieson Studios we have decided to add a ‘Heraldry Scholar’ section to this site.  We strive to be a very dynamic group — many new updates, improvements and changes are always in the works so please stay tuned.