Inside the Studio

Andrew Stewart Jamieson is hard at work on several projects at any one time.  With almost four decades of experience painting professionally, creating 100% handmade bespoke art has become second nature.  ASJ is a Master Heraldic Artist and as you can see from the video below very much in demand.  We would like to thank those who have commissioned new works and those returning Jamieson First Class Patrons who are adding to their collections for granting us permission to share the progression shots of the following projects.


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A major ongoing commission is currently being handled by ASJ for one of his First Class Patrons, The Baron and Lord of Kintyre in Scotland comprising a complete Jamieson armorial collection and various illuminated vellum documents and scrolls


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Some other works completed and underway at the Jamieson Studio




A Family Tree completed by Andrew Stewart Jamieson for a Patron in California

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