How to commission your Coat of Arms and Jamieson Collection

For over 35 years Andrew Stewart Jamieson has supplied heraldic art work and design solutions to patrons and clients around the globe. With his attention to fine detail and exquisite craftsmanship he has established a reputation for some of the finest bespoke heraldic art available in the world today.  Many Patrons who originally commissioned one of his superb coats of arms have returned to add other fine heraldic works to their Jamieson Collections and we would  like to assist you in establishing and building your Jamieson Collection.  Please write to us here for more information and let us help you establish a unique heraldic identity that helps you stand apart from an increasingly uniform world.


Here we have put together a slideshow of the extensive Collection of  Jamieson First Class Patron, Travis Smith of Minnesota.  Thank you!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To help us better understand what you would like to achieve please save the image of the item you like and send it along with your arms to this email address

Andrew Stewart Jamieson fine heraldic paintings hand painted in Scotland

Copyright Andrew Stewart Jamieson All Rights Reserved 2018


One thought on “How to commission your Coat of Arms and Jamieson Collection

  1. I had the pleasure of viewing your owl some years past after receiving a grant of arms with an owl crest. Out of all of the Owls I’ve seen and have possession of, I like yours the best.


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