For over 30 years, Andrew Stewart Jamieson has been synonymous with the unrivalled craftsmanship of the world’s finest heraldic art and design.  Every Jamieson Coat of Arms owner holds a piece of history in their hands.  A unique and valuable art work steeped in centuries of tradition, produced by hand with some techniques and materials little changed in over a thousand years.

Every Jamieson tells it’s own story, from the first pencil mark of the design to the final brush stroke on vellum.  Each bespoke design contains decades of knowledge combined with exquisite un surpassed craftsmanship intricately woven together in rich colours and twenty three carat Gold leaf into a story of the individual who in a world of mass conformity still has the courage to stand out.

To hold a Jamieson painting in your hands and see the light glance off jewel like colours glowing on a vellum field and gold brilliantly reflecting like a mirror intrinsically links you to a glorious history and a tradition of excellence second to none.

‘When you hold one of my paintings I want you to be transported into what I call a ‘Strange Landscape’ populated by lions and unicorns, griffins and centaurs, a magical and mythological world of symbols and colours. It’s about painting something meaningful, beautiful and lasting that reflects the culture, style and taste of my patrons. A unique world that can and will only represent you and your personal experience’.  ASJ


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