Here are just a few comments about Andrew’s work.

“Considered a master of our times, Andrew Stewart Jamieson is a much sought-after artist. The opportunity to work with him on a coat of arms was a rare, exciting chance that I didn’t want to miss out on. It’s an absolute honor to be able to add his work to my collection.

Jamieson is very active on social media and it’s great to follow the progress of the many works he takes on, often multiple ones at a time. It gives a fantastic insight into the creation of these detailed and complex renditions and the order things are done in, from an early sketch to using gold paint, and slowly adding color layers and details on top. Following the progress is a real adventure.”

Kevin Haelterman – Belgium


‘I had the great pleasure of working with Andrew Stewart Jamieson on The Jacobite Officer project. I had seen his impressive work on FB and so got chatting.  He is a super likeable guy and passionate Scot who embraces and loves his culture so we immediately clicked.  He offered to create a portrait of Donnachaidh Mhor and was just in the process of finishing his oil of the Bonnie Prince. Both portraits found their way into my book and have been admired word wide.  He is a real talent and I would highly recommend Andy.   I look forward to working with him again in the near future.’

Matthew John Donnachie  (Author of The Jacobite Officer) – Scotland


‘A coat of arms is a way of presenting oneself to the world. Hand drawn and painted in pigments and 23.5k gold on vellum, the exquisite craftmanship and artistry of Andrew Stewart Jamieson is the heraldic equivalent of a Saville Row suit.’

Catherine Stevenson – USA


‘I came across Andrew’s work while undertaking research on a heraldry-associated project at Hampton Court Palace. I soon began to see his distinctive style wherever I looked – it stood out and had great appeal to me. It seemed quite incredible that such an ancient art could still be practiced using techniques and materials that had little changed over the many years. When my project finished, I commissioned him to produce a painting of my family badge.

I am delighted, to have one of his works. It hangs in pride of place above my desk and I remain in awe of the infinite patience and skill that he must have to produce such a piece.’

Patrick Baty,  (The Paint Detective) – England


‘Andrew is a rare talent: a wonderful artist and a great heraldic imagination. I am utterly delighted with his work’
Fr. Mark Elliott-Smith – England


‘How lucky am I to have my arms painted by the most eminent heraldic painter of our age. Originally, designed by the Herald of Louisiana and creatively painted by Andrew Steward Jamieson in the style of a Garter Stall plate as found in St George’s Chapel where I have served as a volunteer since 1985.  I am deeply honoured to have Andrew Stewart Jamieson create such a beautiful emblazon.’

Art Ramirez – England


‘Andrew did a wonderful job in painting my coat of arms. He guided me through the process and ensured I was satisfied each step of the way. I highly recommend his services and hope to work with him more in the future’

Michael Beeson – USA


‘I have commissioned Andrew to produce a number of works, all of which have been a total credit to his craftsmanship and artistry. Each has been a pleasure to behold. I thank him for the continued beauty of the work that he produces. Simply superb’

Mark Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle – Scotland


‘Andrew did phenomenal job at designing and painting of my coat of arms. I wish that I had inexhaustible funds because I would love to commission him for other works of art. Definitely at top of his field’…..

Mark Nelson – USA


‘I am the proud owner of several pieces of Andrew Stewart Jamieson’s work. It is an honor and a privilege to have them in my art collection. I love them and adore them and appreciate the work that went into creating each one of them. I enjoy examining them and often find new designs in them I did not see before. His work is perfection ! It makes me so happy to be able to hold them and share them with others who also love them .I highly recommend him !’

Karen Cantrell – USA


‘I have had the privilege of commissioning various heraldic works from Andrew Stewart Jamieson since 2003. Mr. Jamieson’s talent, accomplishments, style, and professionalism are, in my opinion, unsurpassed in the field of heraldry and illumination.
He is also a great gentleman, a man of his word, and always honors his commitments.
He is not a “ commercial artist”, but rather someone who pours his soul into his work.
I recommend him without hesitation.’

Hector Robles – USA


‘One of the greatest heraldic artists of our time!’

Michael Dwyer – USA


‘Outstanding heraldic artist’

George Francis Lucki – Canada